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JOHANNA RIES – Supporting role.  Caspar Carl’s Betrothed - Soubrette Soprano.  
(19 yrs old)  Johanna is bourgeois and feels a level of entitlement as a young, pretty, and modern lady. She tends to get what she wants.

CASPAR CARL VAN BEETHOVEN – Supporting role.  Ludwig’s brother and Business Manager - Tenor. (29 yrs old)  Caspar, who goes by Carl, is working-class but prone to putting on airs. He has fallen for the charms of Johanna and overlooks or defends many of her flaws. 

ANNA MILDER – Primary role.  Prima Donna Opera Singer - Lyric Soprano.  
(19 yrs old)  Both cultured and sophisticated, she is adept at negotiations and knows her worth as an artist.

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN – Primary role.  Composer - Tenor or High Baritone, must play piano well. 
(34 yrs old) Ludwig is well-established as a concert pianist and respected as a composer, but he lives in the shadow of Mozart especially in the world of opera. 

YOUNG LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN - Supporting role.  Dancer - teenager.

YOUNG ELEANOR VON BREUNING - Supporting role.  Dancer - teenager.

EMANUEL SCHIKANEDER - Primary role.  Impresario, Singing Actor, and Librettist - Bass Baritone.  (52 yrs old)  Emanuel is looking to regain some of the notoriety he once had when he was working with Mozart 12 years ago on The Magic Flute.

JAKOB HAIBEL – Primary role.  Emanuel’s assistant, and Comprimario Singer - Mezzo Soprano (41 yrs old)  Jakob is a pants role. His is a “Walter Mitty” type character but in addition can be snide and a little dishonest. He is also a composer in his own right but not at the same level as Beethoven. Jakob fiercely defends Schikaneder to the point of blind admiration.

JOSEPH RÖCKEL - Primary role.  Primo Uomo Opera Singer - Tenor  
(21 yrs old)  Joseph is amiable and considers himself a friend to everyone.  He is unaware that others perceive him as a nuisance.

SOPHIE WEBER – Supporting role.  Mozart’s Sister-in-Law - Speaking Role. 
(40 yrs old)  Sophie is a walk-on role. Historically speaking she would go on to marry Jakob Haibel.

PETER VON BRAUN – Supporting role.  Robber Baron and lessee of the rival Berg Theatre - Bass  (45 yrs old)  Peter is nouveau-riche. He prides himself on his knowledge of legal matters and delights in undercutting his rival Schikaneder. 

OFFICER OF THE COURT - Supernumerary role.