CAPITOL OPERA  SOUTH FLORIDA  is a Non-Profit, all volunteer organization founded for the following purposes:

> To act as a resource and information center for "Voice Professionals" of all types: trained singers, broadcasters, public speakers, etc.

> To provide a performing venue for local singers, musicians, directors, conductors, choreographers, dancers, etc.

Founder General Director
Capitol Opera Albany has been newly resurrected in its original form by its Founder, Kathleen TorchiaThe Capitol Opera Companies of South Florida, Sacramento, Raleigh, Richmond, Harrisburg, & Albany are “community” opera companies for the purpose of fostering local and/or developing artists & bringing “affordable” opera to the community at large, so that everyone can enjoy the art form!!

Kathleen is also looking for the help of an "intern" for the local area...

Those interested in being a part of Capitol Opera should contact:

Kathleen Torchia at
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Capitol Opera South Florida is a branch of Capitol Opera Companies, Inc.,
a non-profit / community-benefit corporation.
We want you to be part of Capitol Opera South Florida

To submit materials or request a performance in your community,
please email Cantor Presler at:

Please visit
for more information.
Cantor David Presler
Artistic Director
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Capitol Opera of South Florida

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