Become a Capitol Opera Sponsor

Capitol Opera Raleigh is funded entirely through ticket sales and private donations. It is because of many patrons like you that Capitol Opera has remained a stronghold in this community.

Top Reasons to Join the Capitol Opera Theatre!

1. You like opera but don't like to drive long distances to see it.
2. You play a significant role in the development of young artists.
3. You help pay for educational programs that bring opera to school children.
4. You support a theatre company that provides performance opportunities to local instrumentalists, actors, singers, dancers, technicians and students.
5. You bring opera, the most glorious and expensive of art forms, to the greater Raleigh area.
6. You are making a statement to corporate sponsors, legislators and granting agencies that Capitol Opera is important to the communities of Raleigh.
7. You can take pride in the fact that you are making Raleigh a better place to live and work.
8. You help keep ticket prices down.

Your contributions to Capitol Opera are tax-deductable and sponsorship can be achieved at the following levels:

FRIEND Up to $49.00

PATRON $50.00 to $199.00

BENEFACTOR $200.00 or more.

All Contributors will receive special
recognition within each category.

Thank You!
For further questions about Capitol Opera Raleigh please contact:
Kathleen Torchia at: