Dear Kathleen,
I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to e mail you.  The Carmen performances at Harrisburg were quite satisfying!  The Carmen really looked and sang the part well.  On Sunday, at her death, her head fell down a step.  She really looked dead!  Don Jose and she really acted their conflict outside the bullfight ring well!  I was impressed in act I when Don Jose and his friend appeared seated on the right side of the stage.  Their uniforms really looked military.  I was kind of taken aback for  a moment.  And no one needs apologize for the Central Pa Youth opera.  They had a good sound. I’ve already gotten my libretto for Traviata.  I’ll miss your work until next autumn.
Appreciatively Yours,

Doug Heckert

PS:  My passion for opera began with a television explanation of the opera Carmen by ‘Lenny’ Bernstein back in the 1960s.  Within a short time of his explanation,  I was listening to radio broadcasts from the Met. 
(Cap Opera Harrisburg) 
It was a pleasure seeing your production of Madame Butterfly in Dixon.  The performance was excellent.

Attendance at the Sunday performance would have been greater if folks had known that tickets would be available at the door!!!!  I just took a chance.  It was a good risk, since I got in.  The same was true for the woman sitting next to me.  It is wonderful to have the 3 p.m. start since late nights rarely work for those of us advancing in age.

Senior citizens especially cannot guarantee "feeling up to it" far in advance.

Hope you come back with Cossi Fan Tutti.

Sat, 6/28/08, M. A. Montague
Hi Kathleen,
I just wanted to write and thank you for everything this past week. I really appreciate the opportunity you afforded me to sing Colline, as well as to add Benoit to my resume!  There was a great deal of talent in our Boheme cast(s) and it was a true privilege to work with you and all of them. I learned a great deal and I hope you will keep me in mind for future productions. It would certainly be fun to come back!

All my best to you and your family
Hello Kathleen -
I just wanted to thank you for the experience of participating in La Boheme last week. It was lovely to meet you and the entire cast, and I would love to remain in close contact. If there is ever anything that Berks Opera Workshop can to to assist you (costume or set sharing) please let me know. Additionally, please keep me apprised of your upcoming productions, as I would love to get a chance to sing next time :-)

best wishes and stay well,
Tamara Black
Dear Kathleen and Addie:
On behalf of the staff and our customers, “Thank You” for the wonderful performance this past Saturday.  Everyone loved it!!  Larry again just received compliments today when he was out from customers who heard the Youth Opera sing.  What a great addition to the holiday season.  We are very fortunate to have your organization as a part of the Merchants Association.

We will be happy to contribute a gift certificate  for  the Diva Event in February.   Where will the Event be held?  What is your projected attendance?

Thanks again!
Tina and Larry Robenolt
First Impressions
Hi Addie and Kathleen,
I absolutely loved the Youth Chorus performance and attire. It attracted a lot of attention; even people driving by. They were probably freezing cold and hope no one suffered any ill effects. Many thanks for your efforts. It was the best and was a great addition to our Saturday. The girls were so polite and very appreciative of the treats received.
We're working extended hours now and hoped to have emailed you by now. You beat me to it.
I can't speak for Tina and Larry regarding your request but I'm sure you will hear from them. I think it would be worthwhile.
Valara Minnier
Dear Kathy,

Wonderful descibes Saturday's Gala.  The talent was outstanding.
You and your staff are to be commended.  No detail was overlooked,
from the interesting table settings to the Special Guest Emcee, Valerie

Because of a commitment, it was not possible for me to stay for the
entire Gala.  I look forward to attending future performances of the Capitol
Opera Harrisburg.

Bless you...Penny Loutinsky
Dear Friends,

I'll bet everyone is tired out today!!   I wanted to tell  you how wonderful it was to work with all of you on "The Breath of God".   It has been such an adventure for all of us in the chorus since we began rehearsing in January.  We all had moments where we wondered how this thing would ever come to be.   But with faith and perseverance it all finally came together for two great performances.

During last evening's performance, it dawned on me that  here I was, just plain Cathy Keel,  an ordinary singer with a great love of music, sharing that stage with the most wonderful chorus, fabulous professional soloists and under the direction of the most marvelous conductor I have ever  been privileged to sing with in a world premiere of an Oratorio composed by an Australian gentleman!!     A totally energizing and overwhelming experience for me.

I'm so glad we could all share this experience.  It's my hope that one day soon we might be able to work together again in some way.  It was an honor to share the stage  with all of you.

God bless and have a wonderful day!!! 
I attended today's performance of Breath of God.  This was a difficult production and the soloist & chorus were well-rehearsed and sounded wonderful.  Outstanding!

I will look forward to future productions from this group. How wonderful to have opera of this caliber in Hbg.


A new fan of Cap Opera,
Bonnie Heckman
Dear Walter and Kathleen,

I went right into Gypsy rehearsals after the performance and haven’t stopped!  I finally have a moment to send you guys an email.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. 

Walter, your music is gorgeous, and I am so glad I had the privilege of being a part of it.  I know it will move people forever.  I got choked up a couple of times during the performance—especially in the repetitive bathed him, he died for us section.  All of the music keeps ringing in my head.  I hope you get a full orchestra, full chorus performance soon.

And Kathleen, thank you so much for believing in this project and tirelessly hanging in there.  Your dedication and patience and positive encouragement was greatly appreciated, and I’m sure had a huge part in giving us the courage and confidence to do it.

All the best to both of you, and please keep in touch.

Love, Carolyn
The following unsigned message was sent to Capitol Opera:

"Thank you for being in the Capital City and all of your splendid performances.
Harrisburg loves you."